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    Bike Virginia — one of the largest week-long cycling events in the nation — looked to invigorate their brand to reflect their purpose, size and activities. We worked with them in the creation of a new brand identity that was suited to their needs and grounded in their organizational strategy.


    Art Direction, Branding, Creative Direction, Design


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    Bike Virginia Logo Design

    The Bike Virginia brand was scattered among several different activities with competing looks and messaging. They came to my agency with a desire to build a brand identity that was united, unique and versatile. After an extensive brand and competitor analysis, I helped reorganize their brand under one symbol — the Bike Virginia badge. From this, I developed a design system that could be used for any of their existing or future endeavors while remaining consistent in look and feel. This helps build better awareness and recognition for their brand and organizational activities.

    Business Card Design

    The illustrated elements and scout-badge inspired design matched the brand’s personality perfectly. I also delivered comprehensive brand visual guidelines so the client could better manage the brand with partners and vendors.

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